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Live and let live

I will not support legislation the regulates the people. I will only support legislation that regulates the government.


I strongly oppose the income tax. You should keep everything you earn and spend it how you see fit. Congress should not dictate how you spend a portion of your earnings. I do not know how to spend your money better than you do. I will oppose any tax increase, and fight to abolish the income tax and IRS. I will fight for a balanced budget bill to force Washington spend responsibly. Coupled with tax cuts, I support budget cuts across the board And not allowing our country to go farther into debt.


I will lead the fight for term limits. Too many members of Congress rule over the people for far too long. If elected, I will serve only two terms before stepping down and allowing for a new generation of legislators.


I am passionate about educating future generations. All children should have access to the best education possible, regardless of their school district. I will fight for more freedom in school choice. Parents know what form of education will be best for their child and should be able to choose what school will give them the greatest tools to succeed. I will also enact legislation to make home schooling and charter schooling available to more families.


The war on drugs has been a massive failure and waste of taxpayer funds. The government has no right to tell you what you can and cannot put into your own body. I will bring the fight to Washington in federally legalizing cannabis and decriminalizing other recreational drugs and expunging the record on those who are currently, or who have ever served prison time for non violent drug offenses.


I am a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights. I will not support any legislation that will hinder a citizen’s ability to exercise their right to own a firearm. I will fight to remove all current restrictions on firearm ownership and ensure no more regulations are put in place.

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